cognitive computing technology Imagine you could ask your own company all the unanswered questions. A brain that knows everything about your organization you can query with your own words. Atomian is a cognitive computing technology capable on integrating documents and databases in a single "brain", a brain you can ask with your own words (=unrestricted natural language). Atomian will not give you links to possible answers, it will think and verbalize THE right answer. Ask Atomian when, where, who, why. Ask it for customers that didn't buy anything in the last 6 months. It will provide you answers as text, listings, tables or even self-generated charts. Offering B2C content? Allow Atomian to gather the knowledge contained in your datasources. Your visitors will enjoy an unparalleled search engine that show THE exact matches, no matter how complicated their query may be. Flight for 2 adults and 2 kids next monday Barcelona-London no scales. Cars not older than 5 years with less than 50.000miles
Member count: 11-50