Manage and create your SSL certificates efficiently in a UI that won't fight you When any developer wants to add https (SSL) to their website they are required to register a certificate from a Certificate Authority. This authority verifies and acts as source of truth as to if the domain can be trusted and is published by a specific company that it might claim to be. This makes E-Commerce so safe as it is today. This is all fine and well but the problem comes in when developers deal with these certificates. They are often passed around like simple files and send in E-Mails ... This causes many holes that attackers could use to exploit and even get the keys to impersonate a company. We decided to make this both easier and more secure. The system we are building allows anyone, expert to beginner, to register a certificate. And with these certificates grouped into teams you can control access to them, along with view a audit log of actions performed by whom and when. We believe this is the future and will make certificates easier and more secure for everyone.
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