The End of ID Theft & Counterfeiting AtomID? is a 100% tamper proof atomic particles based ID tag technology (authentication) at bar code printing prices, as easy as producing them and with all its benefits (i.e. traceability). AtomID? unique patented ID protection technology exploits ultimate advances in subatomic Physics based on quantum interactions and particle collisions to provide a secure physical storage tag which is not only secure but 100% impossible to copy. Furthermore, the tags lifespan is endless, doesn?t degrade with use and doesn?t get affected when exposed to any kind of energy field. The applications where it can be used vary from securing Passports to Pharmaceuticals and from Credit/Debit Cards to works of Art. It was developed with one goal ? to eliminate counterfeiting & identity theft across a wide range of industries ? protecting people, brands and intellectual property worldwide. We are in the late seed stage: idea post implementation, prototypes build, thoroughly tested. 13 Worldwide Patents
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