Atlas Power Generation
Highly efficient charging technology 96.4% round trip Our product offering is not a typical B2B/ B2C product. Instead our company is developing products to openly compete in the wholesale world energy markets, with the initial market being the CAISO ( California market). This is accomplished by building supercapacitors then installing and managing our assets at selected nodes within the system. World energy markets operate similar to stock markets in that there is a bid and ask, this allows users of energy and generators to actively bid into the market and the demand is met through assigning economic placement. This allows the most competitve bids to fill market demands and allows the market to operate organically and in real time. Our business product and operation focuses of the manufacture of supercapacitors, installation of these capacitors at a grid scale, and then managing these asstes through buying and selling energy at different market prices, capitalizing on our efficiency and flexability to increase the spreads and margins.
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