Atlas Ocean Systems
300% increase in wave energy capture Atlas Ocean Systems combines the skills of highly respected scientists, engineers, and materials experts. Our personnel bring a wealth of complementary knowledge and experience allowing each to contribute in a highly meaningful way to present our SQ5 energy system. As noted in our biographies, Atlas Ocean Systems benefits from the experience and skills of notable engineers with experience in wave energy and the required engineering for SQ5s unique configuration. We are unified by mutual respect and our desire to create a highly successful, efficient, WEC device with the potential for meaningful, positive global change. The SQ5 WEC system is just one of many projects of Atlas Ocean Systems and forms a valuable segment of our portfolio. Atlas Ocean Systems is funded in part by our parent company MKF Interests, and is actively seeking sufficient investment to bring the SQ5 system to full scale development and deployment in both the U.S. and internationally. Ref:
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