Atlanta Club Partners, Inc
PT Solution for Health Clubs We solve the problem that most health club owners have in regards to their second highest revenue stream, and we provide the solution at zero cost. We are an outsourced health club management company that focuses on personal training. Health clubs outsource their PT program to us. We gain unlimited access to all of the club members (hot prospects) in an attempt to build up the revenue from training. The club owner gets to focus on running the club, and receives 20-25% of our revenue generated in the club as a form of rent. On the club level, we operate at approx 25% margins. The club owner gets 20-25% margins from the PT program. The club will also usually see an increase in member retention due to the programs that we implement. This is the new and improved version of my venture. The first company generated $1,000,000+ in annual revenue by year three. However, I started over in 2015 with a new tax ID and implemented all of the lessons learned in the previous 6 years