Atlanta's Best Van Rental
Real-time Passenger & Cargo Van Delivery Service - "Phantom Footprint" Company is a passenger van & truck rental firm serving Atlanta & environs. We specialize in delivering large passenger vans, cargo vans & minivans directly to commercial & retail customers. We offer same-day, real-time, delivery & pickup service. Business is web-based with few fixed costs (loan & insurance payments), all other costs are variable. We have no employees, no rented lot to park rolling stock, no office - no "brick & mortar".Our pickup/delivery services are subcontracted thru flat-fee arrangement. Customer service is subcontracted. Marketing & sales are performed via internet, costs fluctuate with vehicle utilization. In other words, with the exception of auto loans & insurance, our costs correlate with sales volume. Pricing is skewed toward long term rentals, thereby reducing our costs per rental day & spreading costs over our optimal rental period & increasing margin. The business has all the qualities of a "bolt-on" for ease of expansion. Also, Phantom footprint...
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 3355400
Total raised: $210K