Atlanta Hollywood Radio
Radio Show & Web Series Atlanta Hollywood Radio ? Show Concept: Our show will focus on the fun and business side of Film, Music & Gaming in Georgia highlighting the economic impact on the state. Did you know that the state of Georgia raised $5.1 Billion in 2014 from the Entertainment Industry alone? Hollywood is moving to Georgia like a freight train and we are the conductor. Atlanta Hollywood Radio wants to hear from local people, entertainers, small businesses, non-profits and corporations who have been positively affected by the entertainment industry boom in Georgia . We?ll have Guest Hosts that range from Filmmakers to CEO?s of Restaurant Groups to local celebrities to entertainment attorney?s and more. Want to be a guest on our radio show? Hotel Managers, Music Venue Owners, Technology Company Executives and Thought Leaders get on the calendar now. Create Amazing Content for Your Marketing Purposes! Be a Guest on the show and re-purpose the audio and video for your own content marketing purposes.