Educated outsourcing with a social impact Greek god Prometheus created man from clay but it was the goddess Athena that breathed life into them. Athena Virtual exists to help give back life to entrepreneurs on both sides of the globe. #GiveBackLife What is the product? Offshore freelancer marketplace selling subscription packages for as little as $6.5 USD per hour, and education to these virtual teams. What does it help customers do? It helps SME's get time back in their life & scale their businesses. Who is the customer? Early adopters may be young fitness entrepreneurs, where my co-founder and I have a lot of personal brand equity. Next would be SME's across the globe. How big is the market? We believe there to be around 186M SME?s in Australia, the Unites States, the United Kingdom and Canada alone. If we had a penetration rate of 2% that alone is over $50B in revenue. What is the social impact? We employ talented people in underprivileged countries and help them to live better lives.
Member count: 1-10