Solve Chronic Absenteeism with texting Athena?s Workshop safeguards the privacy of educators and students when texting. We protect teachers, parents, students, and coaches so they can text without revealing their cell phone number. A permanent message log means deleted messages can still be reviewed months or years later. Moreover, we enhance communications after school through direct two-way texting, collaborative group texting and Spanish-English translation. We offer customization and support for schools that trust and invest in us. Our newest offering combines addresses chronic absenteeism using district resources, teacher input, individualized student reports on attendance and academic performance delivered in the most comfortable and accessible method for all parents, text messages. Research shows that weekly text messages can improve attendance by 3.2% in four weeks. In states with ADA (average daily attendance) funding, this has a 10X ROI, plus improves student achievement especially with high risk students.