Space Yoghurt - a Scandinavian brand for children with games and TV-series Space Yoghurt is a Scandinavian brand with games, books, TV-show and merchandise. It is 360 concept that covers multiple markets and is based on the characters of the games and books and their Universe. There is an endless possibilty of exploring the brand. What the products bring to the customer is family entertainment. We create bond beween children and their parents by dynamic and fun board games. The TV-show is sold to Scandinavia and China with several countries in negotiation stage. There?s a number of physical and digital games in development as well. The multyple areas of exploatation of the brand sets no limits to only one area or platform. It is equivalent to any big brands such as Angry Birds, Star Wars, The Minions etc. We are inviting angel investors to join us in the quest. Reach out if you want to know more.