Point of care BPAP/CPAP communication aid When a patient has an acute respiratory event, they are put on a BPAP/CPAP machine in order to keep their weakened respiratory system from collapsing in on itself. If the mask is taken off during this early stage of care, the patient would experience an almost immediate incapacity to breath leading to a drop of blood oxygen levels and cognitive abilities in a matter of seconds. However, BPAP/CPAP masks create an airtight seal around the patient?s face with hard plastic and silicon that impedes the patient?s ability to communicate with the outside world. This lack of communication exacerbates the most common complaints patients have with BPAP/CPAP masks, the feeling of isolation and claustrophobia. Our product uses a disposable minimal cost system that can be adhered to the outside of any BPAP/CPAP mask, connected to a reusable filtration speaker system. Our product allows patients receiving BPAP/CPAP therapy to speak clearly with their physicians and family members.
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