We recognise the future Asura Technologies is a Smart City company specialized in the Parking and Traffic management industry. We will link parking from every home and company site into the Smart City networks. Cities are getting smart slowly. The good news is that the basic technologies to change this are already in hand. The industry is just not responding fast enough. We are here to change that! So far upgrades in an existing traffic camera system cost a fortune because all cameras had to be replaced. Asura can work with any kind of camera, this is unique. Just stick with the existing infrastructure, no need to spend on new cameras. A typical integration time of license plate recognition into an existing or new parking system takes an average of 6 months. We do this within one week! Finally, we will make Smart Cities really smart by connecting home-parking into Smart City networks. A new source of big data.
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $300K

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