Astute Staffing Services
Crowd Sourcing platform for recruiters Astute help organisations to hire talent with out JD & CV, we create master JD for specific job roles & assessment report of each candidate instead of a CV. Our recruiters are verified, qualified & certified for each job role which they work for. Our SMEs,quality team works along with the big data team to generate required data for our recruiters. Our recruiters speak to the candidates using the scripts ( assessment conversational questions) developed by our SMEs, this conversation is done over VoIP to record candidate's answers are assessed by quality assessors & given a score. Our clients can listen to few bellwether questions & pick candidates for interviews, the same process can be made available on Video & VR/AR platform for higher level of assessments. By this process we can increase the efficiency of recruiters, HR executives & candidates.Also this will reflect in reducing attrition as we assess them base don the 9 to 5 of the job role.
Member count: 11-50