Astu’s focus is eco friendly products that can preserve mother earth for all our future generations. Astu presents a range of eco-friendly disposables and table-ware that is an alternate for the harmful disposable plastic. The Good Earth Astu Research (GEAR) Center, is constantly endeavoring to find newer, better products that are closer to earth, bio degradable, compostable, non toxic, chemical free and safer for man, animal and earth. Research is currently on-going, on bamboo, paper, bio plastic & organic products to create earth friendly alternatives. Currently we offer 1. Areca leaf disposable tableware 2. Bio-plastics (PLA) disposable tableware 1. Areca palm leaf products: Areca tableware is made from the fallen palm leaf sheath of Areca tree. They are hardy, non-toxic, chemical free, odour free, 100% biodegradable and compostable. It is indeed nature’s answer to plastic problem! And is probably the best solution anyone could find. It is born of earth and after its use, quietly goes back into earth and becomes food for plants and microbes. The process of making these tableware is per high international standards to ensure availability of both contemporary and traditional designs, elegant and stylish finish, hygienic manufacturing and packing process that retains their natural properties and are free from chemicals and toxins. Made in India, employing strong, independent happy rural women who are born and brought up with the goodness and belief of Mother Nature and pour the same love into our products, these happy tableware soldiers of Good Earth are then off to do their good work! Customisation : The Areca sheath is a wonderful natural material that lends itself to many options of customization. We can experiment with shape, design, embossing & imprinting We can customize the Astu Areca Tableware for : • Wedding parties, birthday parties, house parties and themed parties • Company name, logo & custom messages • Hotels and restaurants • Green-gift giveaways • Innovative packaging needs for FMCG sector • Industrial packaging needs 2. Astu PLA based 100% compostable products: PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) products are 100% compostable by 90-180 days in an industrial compost v/s traditional plastic products which take 100s of years to decompose. Made from 70% corn starch (renewable resource ), the mass use of this material will significantly decrease the challenges faced globally from plastic disposable products. Two key indicators in a product's environmental footprint are greenhouse gases (GHG's) and non-renewable energy use. PLA products beat plastic hands down on both these counts. Products available : Spoons, Forks, Knives and Straws Astu's PLA products are made from INGEO plastic which are certified by OK Compost for their compostability. Please connect with us for any details and to buy our products
Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +91 98457 80264
Founded date: 2015