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Backpack and pencilcase brand Astuccio Is a backpack and pencilcase brand that started backwards: My name is Alvin Jacobs and I'm Astuccio's founder, and also the son of the CEO of Fila Argentina SA, a subsidiary of FILA from Italy, a company that produces pencils, markers, and much more. To take advantage of this particular access to the office and school supplies distribution channel i founded a start up that focuses on bringing high quality and design to the Argentine and eventually Latam market. Our competitive advantage lies in our access to the distribution channel, and design is our main diferenciator. We have identified a gap in the market: some brands have good design but poor access to distribution. Other producers are actually already market players, like big wholesalers, that go directly to the sweat shops and produce very low quality, commoditie like products, with no diferenciator, poor design criteria and lacking ethical standards. We offer a mid price product with fresh designs to existing clients.