Astra Spacelines will provide safe, reliable, and frequent transportation space Astra Spacelines provides safe passenger transportation between ground and and various destinations in Space. Astra Spacelines is like a typical airline offering one-way, round-trip, and multi-point choices, except departures and arrivals are from strategic locations on Earth (spaceports) and various commercial space stations in orbit in space. In time, we will add other destinations deeper in space inclusing interplanetary transportation. Our first generation of spaceliners will operate from a regional airport in the United States and will transport passengers to the earths outer atmosphere then return to the airport. This concept is required to further develop technology required for our second generation of spaceliners. All spaceliners are reconfigurable to accommodate either a passenger or freight payload. First generation spaceliner will offer a seriously competitive cost to launching spacecraft operating in the very low to low Earth orbits.
Member count: 1-10