Astrapi solves the bandwidth crisis Though the supply of communication bandwidth is limited, the demand for it is not. Emerging AR/VR, advanced ISR imaging, streaming media and data dependent AI uses are acutely dependent upon bandwidth to ensure mission success. Yet customers need more. That?s why billions are spent to acquire spectrum rights and build infrastructure to meet increasing demand. Astrapi addresses bandwidth challenges by licensing our Spiral Modulation into communication radios. We are now developing on our 2nd generation Software Defined Radio prototype. Spiral Modulation enables operators to get more data (~4-10X) into a much smaller range of frequencies, using less required signal power (~3-5dB) while mitigating interference. Less required power provides unique LPI/LPD capability and makes it more difficult to jam signals. Less power also suggests radios with smaller batteries, power amplifiers and possibly antenna reducing the size, weight and power constraints.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1.5M

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