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Astral AR
Last activity: 19.03.2019
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It should have been obvious: combining the Internet of Things, holographic displays and unmanned vehicles to create a drone piloting system straight out of science fiction. Using devices capable of distinguishing mental commands and individual words with real-time holographic rendering of a drone’s visual feeds, that’s exactly what Astral AR has been the first to do with a revolutionary new piloting system. Astral AR builds unmanned vehicles that integrate biometrics and holographic displays into a patent-pending, neuromechanical interface that works exactly like you think is should: drones you fly with your mind in augmented reality. See more about what we do at the FAQ page on our website: #DronesforGood #DronesYouFlyWithYourMind #DronesUFlyWithYourMind #FlightAdvisors #NonWeaponizedDrones #LaSallaInventions #FlyWithaRisingStar #SuperPoweredFlyingMachines #AstralPowers4You #AstralPowers4U #SuperpoweredAstralARHobbyDrones #AstralARDreamDrones #DroneCrones #ILookLikeanEngineer #WomeninTech #WomenThatFly We are tweeting @Astral_AR
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Location: United States, Texas, Austin
Employees: 11-50
Phone: +1 512-760-3886
Total raised: $155K
Founded date: 2015

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