We plan to harvest resources from the Moon, Mars, Comets & Asteroids We are a new space start-up company with lots of goals, other than just mining the Moon, Mars, comets and asteroids. We plan on designing and building space habitats, rovers, robotics, satellites, cubesats and more. We are partnering up with many other business leaders and other start-up companies with huge goals. Founded by CEO T.J. McKinney in September 2014, this company would like to network with any company or individual that has similar or any other space related goals. Feel free to like us on Facebook at AsteroidMiningCorp.com and follow us on Twitter @MineAsteroids Thanks for viewing my profile, T.J. McKinney CEO & Founder Asteroid Mining Corporation
Total raised: $13M

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30.05.2022California...California-based startup Astro...--vcbay.news...