Asterion helps Oracle databases retain their market dominance in the era of cloud, agile development, micro-services and object-oriented architectures. The majority of the Global 1,000 and mid-market companies depend on these databases to protect their mission critical data -- the “crown jewels” of business. Adopting Asterion enhances Oracle databases beyond the flexibility touted by Amazon S3 and other object-oriented architectures. Asterion ups the ante with… Object-oriented functionality Agile application access to any content Increased security and control for all types of content More specifically, Asterion enables... Object oriented data services Elimination of the file system vector for hackers and malware Extended use of Oracle database security Real time changes to applications and content Metadata extraction Content ingestion, cataloging and curation Streaming pdf’s, rich media, video and other content directly to a browser Universally accessible API
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +1 323-653-6510
Founded date: 2017

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