A smart alternative to swipe machines to accept card payments without any hardware Do you really think you need a card swipe machine? Think Again AS is an alternative to swipe machines. A merchant just need to have this application in the app to accept card payments from customers without any extra hardware. Time to scan & say bye to swipe!! We provide this application to corporates, retailers and free lancers. Retailers and freelancers can download the app from play store and app store. Once the registration and KYC is completed, retailer or a freelancer can start accepting card payments from their customers. AS has an extremely successful use case with corporates which are into home delivery or home services. AS sdk easily integrates into the clients app and rider / delivery boy can accept card payments on customer's home visit. There is no need of carrying any swipe machine. AS has also applied for the patent to avoid any infringements.
Member count: 1-10