High-quality, low-cost protein for the world Feeding our planet is a growth industry. By 2050 the global demand for food will double, requiring an additional 233 MMT of animal protein and 466 MMT of milk. The world needs many new sources of low cost, high value animal protein. Asta manufactures a unique advanced protein product (PPP), oil, and other products from low-cost and often undesirable seafood processing residuals, by-catch and "trash" fish; turning them into high-value nutrients with superior properties. These have a wide variety of applications in the human food chain: feeding fish, livestock, people, pets and plants. Our customers range from feed ingredient suppliers to consumers to intn'l aid organizations. As just one example, aquaculture trials have shown that, compared to conventional feed, PPP produces 20-80% higher growth rates in Chinook salmon and has a feed efficiency that is 50%-400% higher. Our goal is to make PPP a key component of products used for aquaculture, agriculture and human nutrition.
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