Elance for Hardware Engineers Assist 2 Develop allows companies to connect with engineering freelancers, collaborate in real time, and create innovative products. Traditional marketplace bidding wars cause a headache for both parties. Companies who post their needs have to filter through hundreds of bids to find the right freelancer for the job, meanwhile the freelancers have to compete with hundreds of other people in a race to the bottom (cheapest). Assist 2 Develop plans to connect companies with freelancers using an algorithm similar to match.com. This algorithm will allow companies to post their needs and have filtered results sent to them. So, instead of combing through hundreds of resumes companies can ask A2D to send them the top 25 results based on criteria they've identified. This helps companies find the right person for the job, and provides inbound leads for freelancers. Once connected freelancers and companies can collaborate in real time using our virtual workspace which leads to innovative designs.
Member count: 1-10

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