Invest in London Property Now We at AssetWise believe the next 12-24 months are going to be some of the most fascinating in the last 15-20 years, as no one can be sure what will happen following Brexit. But ``Uncertainty is the mother of opportunity ?? and there are undoubtable going to be some extraordinary opportunities in the coming years AssetWise provides an opportunity to invest in a variety of properties ranging from studios to 2 beds, within the `commuter belt? of London plus properties within prime London locations (zones 1 to 3), ranging in size and location. We will look to purchase, let and manage between 2 ? 10 individual units per client within the duration of the term. The intention is to provide investors a diversified portfolio of residential properties in exclusive areas within prime London locations and Greater London. We will provide investors a balanced investment portfolio and benefit from the advisers intimate knowledge and understanding of the Inner and Greater London property market.
Member count: 1-10