Digital Asset Network
bloomberg terminal for digital assets The data-driven deal platform, connecting projects, investors, issuers, & solution providers for the next trillion dollar market. Stay ahead of the market with DAN to find digital asset deal-flow, automate due-diligence processes, & make data-driven decisions with primary source market intelligence. Investors Analyze & explore digital asset opportunities. Close deals quickly with built-in fact-checking & automate your due-diligence. Get matched to vetted projects across the security token & digital asset lifecycle, & help your portfolio gain exposure to other investors. Spend time analyzing the fundamentals of the deal rather than spending lengthy time verifying basic business facts. Companies Manage relationships with investors & stakeholders in your private deal room. Ensure that only permitted members have access to private information. Connect with an extensive network of institutional investors, asset managers, and venture capital funds.
Member count: 1-10