'Basecamp' solution for elderly care teams to improve quality of care & patient outcomes Assesspatients is a web solution that enables care teams to collaborate and assess elderly patient care needs, manage risks such as falls and track patient outcomes using international best practices. There is also a facility to provide online alerts to the care team based on changes on a patient's latest assessment. Using the patient data performance metrics are also provided to enhance the care programme effectiveness Our customers are acute care hospitals, residential & community based elderly care programmes. Our value proposition is that with improvements in quality of care, enhanced care team performance and reduction in admin costs, savings can be achieved. We are validating this business case in a live pilot in a hospital/nursing home in Dublin. The driver for this week is illustrated by studies in 2013 showing the cost impact of falls in the elderly community in the US estimated at $30B and in Scotland estimated at ?420M.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $35K