Next Generation Cancer Treatment Vaccine Therapeutic vaccines target tumor-associated antigens causing immune response against cancer cells, thus preventing tumor growth or recidivism. Existing cancer vaccines with chemically synthesized short peptide antigens are personalized for individual patients, very complex in production and administration, i.e. very expensive, but only modestly effective. Three injection treatment course of Provenge? by Denderon cost up to $100K, extending life by only 4.1 months, causing Denderon bankruptcy in 2014. We develop next generation cancer vaccine utilizing nanogel delivery system and full length antigen proteins with wide epitope spectrum inducing strong immune response without expensive personalization. IMF-001 vaccine started phase 2a clinical trial in Japan (esophagus cancer) and completed phase 1 in US (solid tumors). We raise money for accelerated clinical trial phase 2a in Russia (esophagus and prostate cancer).