India's Own Life Casting Keepsake Impressionist (AspectMakers) The product name is Golden Memoriez. Golden Memoriez is India's own 3D life-size Impressions product. Life Casting is a process of making a replica of body part (hands, feet, face) which is framed to last long. This is an option or a compliment to normal photo frames, and can be a perfect personalized gift for someone you love. The keepsakes can be mounted on office/home walls or kept as a desktop item. The target customer is an enthusiasts who like to gift their loved ones with exclusively personalized gift on particular occasion. e.g New born child's hands/feet impression, old aged parents memorabilia, organization's key designated people, wedding anniversary impressions, newly married couples hands impression and so on. There is no limit for innovative ideas for impression. The impressions process in itself is exciting. Hence, we also plan to introduce a DIY kit for those who want to enjoy the impressions process themselves with their loved ones.