A Space Manila

A Space Manila

Last activity: 02.08.2018
Categories: Brand
Location: Philippines, Metro Manila, Makati

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02.08.201811 Awesome Coworking Spaces in the PhilippinesRapid developments in mobile technology and connectivity have made many jobs and tasks to be online-based that can be done in flexible working conditions. These are just some of the main reasons on why coworking spaces are growing like mush...
11.10.2016The Philippine Fintech Startup Report and LandscapeWith a population of over 100 million people, an Internet penetration rate of 46.5% and a mobile phone penetration rate of 87%, the Philippines is believed to be a growth area for fintech solutions and ventures, notably considering its emer...
02.08.2016First FinTech Accelerator in the PhilippinesA SPACE Philippines invites any individual or startup currently building or looking to create innovative products in the financial services vertical to take _PASSPORT to FinTech. This trip is the first trip to be launched under A SPACE’s _P...

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