Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLC
Where Professionals Find Their Power As an Executive Career Coach, I help male and female professionals find their dream careers & shatter their salary aspirations. I am also a Leadership Coach for women and have helped women discover their leadership potential by reaching new levels of success in their careers. I work with professionals in most industries, such as: -Marketing -Advertising -Tech (except Engineering) -Program/ Product / Project Management -Compliance -HR -Instructional Design -And more! Please inquire via DM or email When professionals partner with VMC they receive the career and the salary that they have been longing for and dreaming of. Clients who have partnered with VMC have received: ? Generous Salary Increases of $15K-$60K, which impacts future earnings potential & retirement savings ? Promotions ? New positions in as little as 4-8 weeks ? The ability to advance within their careers, positively impacting their trajectories and futures VMC is different because we are not just focused on clients taking any role. It is the belief that clients should be fulfilled with passion and purpose and with that, clients are served to find the role that fulfills those goals. Also, VMC has recently been recognized by CIOReview as one of the 10 Most Promising Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies for 2019 ? at the forefront of providing leadership development training for women. But don't take my word for it... "Valerie Martinelli is the career coach to have in your corner when you are planning your next employment move. She is tenacious, diligent, and thorough in her efforts to educate and motivate her clients. Further, Valerie is an empathetic career counselor - a valuable skill when working with people who are at a crossroads in their career, and worried about keeping their current lives going while planning next steps. Valerie cares deeply about the success of her clients and has detailed knowledge and experience of what it takes to succeed in career planning, whet
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