Tipster is the first virtual stylist platform. We connect users instantly with stylists. We have over 500 stylists that are experts in hair, fashion, and beauty. Each stylist is required to have over 5,000 Instagram followers or have extensive experience. Need quick advice on an outfit? Ask a tipster. Want a live beauty tutorial? Ask a tipster. Don't know what to get your 16 year old daughter for her birthday? Ask a tipster. Tipster is the personal stylist in your pocket. We currently have a Cost Per Install of .60 and a Day 30 Retention of 12.7%. We also have a web widget chat product that brands utilize to convert more online sales by providing their visitors with a stylist 24/7. Users can connect with stylists tailored to their preferences for real?time advice; develop their unique style through custom consultations and custom lookbooks; and follow experts & tastemakers to access content for inspiration.
Member count: 1-10