Chic Hair Salon on Long Island Specializing in hair color, Ask the Pro Stylist will take what Deirdre has perfected as an educator in the trendiest area of NYC and apply it to her guests in friendly atmosphere. Receive affordable services like hair painting, razor haircuts, fashionable blowouts and both trendy and elegant wedding styles from a professional with vast experience. As an educator with Paul Mitchell and ARROJO, clients will be the recipients of the latest trends. New York state board tutoring is available to assist cosmetology students in passing the written and practical examinations. As a beauty blogger and freelance writer, Ask the Pro Stylist is among the first to receive the newest products before they hit the market. Among the many services to be offered at The Salon include also include highlights, hair smoothing, texture services, bridal hairstyles and makeup. The objective of Ask the Pro Stylist ~ The Salon is simple; to make every client feel special upon leaving.
Member count: 1-10