Max Fortune is the President & C.E.O. of Fortune Publishing Group, LLC. He has written three books: “Success: The Blueprint to Achieving Your Dreams and Goals,” a book written to provide a blueprint to achieving any dream or goal that you want to achieve. “Get Rich in Your Niche,” is a book written for business owners who want to grow their business with a focus on how to build your business brand by marketing in your niche. and “How to Publish a Book and Make a Fortune,” which is a book written for aspiring authors as well as seasoned writers, illustrating how to plan, write, publish, pay for and market your book. He is very passionate about publishing and all of the opportunities that exist today for writers. Fortune Publishing Group focuses on making it possible for writers to publish their works efficiently, affordably and professionally. Max Fortune is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, a Writer and Producer of Music and Video as well as a publisher of Magazines and Books and most importantly a devoted husband and active father to his four children. He has received a National Leadership Award and the “Businessman of the Year” Award from the National Republican Congressional Committee. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others and has a strong passion for helping people. He thoroughly enjoys mentoring others and has motivated and inspired many people to better themselves despite their circumstance.
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