The Next Generation in Mobile App Monetization And Cross Promotion AskingPoint is a Customer Engagement service for Mobile Apps (iOS & Android). We provide a unique technology that allows Apps to remotely control, in real-time, every aspect of Apps using Analytic and Custom metrics. We currently help thousands of Apps on over 150 Million unique devices. Our Services: - A Rating & Feedback widgets that uses App Analytics to find an App's "Fans" and ask for Ratings and Feedback. - In-App Messaging for Cross Promotion. The MOST COST EFFECTIVE Cross Promotion service that allows Mobile App Publishers to intelligently and efficiently market their Apps to their install base. Don't pay CPMs to cross-promote your own Apps. - Mobile Polls & Surveys - Push Messaging - A Mobile Ad Network
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $250K

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06.09.2013New Report...A new report released today,...Sarah Pere...techcrunch...