The ASK Campaign
A Mindfulness Curriculum for K-12th Grades The ASK Campaign is a mindfulness-based approach to transforming education from the inside out. A distracted mind is the common result of a media saturated culture. Mindfulness is scientifically proven to help students focus. A focused mind is more productive, creative and able to learn. ASK stands for American Student Knowledge. The goal is to shift the reform movement from focusing solely on the future by providing educators tools to make critical progress TODAY. ASK is a responsive and preventative, immediate and longterm solution to the question of what a "good education" means in a modern world. The two ASK Workshops are: MODERN (Mindfulness and Media literacy, Organizational logic, Diversity appreciation, Emotional intelligence, Resource awareness and eNvironmental sustainability) and CREATE (Creative Expression of the Arts through Education.) Hour-long workshops can be incorporated into any preexisting curriculum and conducted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Member count: 1-10