Spreading solidarity a neighborhood at a time! Ask & Give app is using geolocation, age and gender in order to show the appropriate items matching for each user. It is made so it can make sharing stuff with people around you very easy and is a non payed app with the sole purpose of helping others, protecting the environment by re-using and meeting similar minded people in your vicinity. This is the beginning of this app so please be patient if you don't see anything available around you and share so more people near you will start using the app. Helping others has never been easy. Thats why we made Ask & Give as a tool for sharing what we spare with others that need it. Its in our hands to spread it so more people will benefit from it! No in app purchases, ads or anything profitable at all! ================================= Give Examples: Moving house, furniture to give away. My old clothes Kittens looking for a house Ask Examples: Need help in physics assignment Spare tickets anyone? I am bored is anyone awake in the dorm Anybody up for a bike ride in the center? Have fun using it… we are looking forward for your feedback.