Asius Technologies, LLC

Asius Technologies, LLC
Asius Technologies, the manufacturer of ADEL™ earbuds and modules, provides customers with a comfortable, high fidelity listening experience, all while saving the user's hearing. The compliant second eardrum design protects ears from dangerous high pressures on the eardrum that occur with currently available products. The patented Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL™) consists of a polymer bubble, which is inserted into the ear canal and inflated to fit. This produces a comfortable, one size fits all, seal with minimum occlusion effect for the coupling of an audio device (hearing aid, digital music player, cell phone, communications headset) to the ear. Inflation is achieved with pressure generated by a revolutionary pumping system that harvests sound pressure from the audio (music, voice, ambient sound) being played, without distorting the audio. In the ear, the ADEL™ bubble acts as a resonant chamber, producing extraordinarily rich sound, which seems to the listener to be originating inside his or her own head rather than being projected in from outside. By dampening the high pressures and turbulences created by the vibrations of the speaker, the ADEL™ bubble also protects the delicate ear drum from potential damage.
Location: United States, Colorado, Boulder
Phone: +1 720-204-2676

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