Linkedin with trustworthy (qualified) endorsements, A certification blockchain Asimov matches self taught learners with experts to test and validate their skills so employers don?t need to. Think of it as crowdsourcing your candidate pool. Asimov charges employers a highly competative price of 5 % of their recruits first year wage where half of that is shared amongst the experts that endorsed the recruit, giving our experts a strong incentive to provide high quality endorsements. The quality of endorsements is furthur determined organically by a 'Web of Trust", an implementation of the technology found in PGP as well as through additional reputation mechanisms. What separates us from platforms like LinkedIn is that A) experts can only validate people in their expertise (i.e only a Java Programmer can endorse someone in Java) and B) One can only become an expert if they themselves are validated by an expert in that field. Recruiting technical people requires technical people, Asimov uses peer evaluated experts to do the job of overpriced Headhunters.
Member count: 1-10