Asian Entertainment Television

Asian Entertainment Television
A New Era – An Idea Whose Time Has Come Welcome to a new era of Asian American entertainment! AET is the world's FIRST Asian American streaming service curated by Asian Americans for global audiences. For a nominal monthly subscription fee of $5.99, we are the essential destination for Asian American content setting the RepresentAsian™ bar in the entertainment industry. We are simultaneously giving visibility to the underserved Asian-American community and fans of Asian entertainment in the United States. Asian Entertainment Television Inc. seeks to shift perceptions to build a market that capitalizes the enormous and untapped growing Asian market by: • Becoming the premier Asian American entertainment distribution service. • Producing original content and creating a market for Asian American artists to find a global audience. • Licensing original Asian American and Asian content from around the world. We want your story! Submit to We know that Asian Entertainment Television will revolutionize the Asian American entertainment world. Never before was there a central place to find Asian American film and television. We are not only a digital entertainment streaming platform but we are also the platform for Asian Americans to share their stories, to share their dreams and to share their visions. Be a part of our dreams and visions. Our goal is to become the biggest and the best epicenter for Asian American entertainment and film. We want to become the household name when it comes to Asian American films and television. Through curation and user-generated content, we are building a community that was highly underrepresented in Hollywood. Be a part of this change.