Powering Better Shopping-experiences Asiahub builds better shopping experiences for Latin American consumers buying Chinese products. Buyers get the best value for money option (20-40% off). They buy directly from curated overseas merchants, but products are listed on familiar local marketplaces like MercadoLibre, WalMart, CNova, and B2W. Chinese Merchants access customers they didn?t have before. On Asiahub they can upload, manage, and sell their products directly through Latin America?s largest trusted marketplaces. They get fully localised support, and leverage our proprietary sales channels, commercial contracts, and get regulation, tax, shipping, logistics, guarantees, and returns support. Products are shipped directly from Seller to Buyer in small quantities. Enjoying tax exemptions. With Asiahub?s unique B2C cross-border model, our customers bypass local infrastructure cost and taxation.
Member count: 1-10