A Combative Personal Care and Counselling Platform Ashray is a Children & Women Welfare NGO dedicated towards facilitating Mental-Behavioural Care and Wellness, serving intensely tested and scientific Personal Help and Counselling System, empowering the distressed & inadequately served sections of our social ecosystem and ensuring Holistic Qualitative Revival and Renascence. Project ?5S? : The Original Genesis of Ashray S?rathi : A Comprehensive Combative Personal Care and Counselling System for Children, Youths, Parents and Women aimed at offering tested practical consulting. Samv?d : An Open Hall Dialogue on Socially Relevant Issues (for Children, Youths and Women) for Social Transformation and Rejuvenation. Swayam : A Scientific Mental-Behavioural Health Diagnosis System for assessing Mental-Emotional Wellness of Children and Youths. Sajag : Pro-active Prevention System against Abuse and Suicides (including Victim Rehabilitation). Sambhav : Livelihood Empowerment Support for Slum-Dwelling Children, Youths and Women.
Member count: 1-10