Ashley Morgan Designs
One-of-a-Kind Custom Design Jewelry Ashley Morgan Designs is a San Francisco-based jewelry design company that uses Ashley Berman's ability to evoke emotion from jewelry to craft pieces of art that are as much individual style as they are the embodiment of endless possibilities. Ashley?s poetic designs articulate the sensuality of precious, natural stones by the way they catch they light and glisten on an individual, refracting beauty and confidence while ornamenting the body. Ashley?s unique designs communicate the sensuality of rare and unusual stones. She highlights the beauty of natural diamond slices to create a poetic collection, a collection that is inspired by world cultures. The diamond slices tell a story through their simple, yet elegant, beautiful and untouched look. Each tourmaline is rose-cut and serves as the centerpiece of Ashley?s designs, symbolic of the natural world being at the center of all things and all cultures.
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