Ascots of London Dry Cleaning

Ascots of London Dry Cleaning
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Ascots of London came into fruition to make dry cleaning & laundry in London quicker, easier and less time consuming. Life at times get us all in a hurry, and at Ascots of London, we work to accommodate all of us in a hurry! We all are comprised of busier schedules as the years pass and as a result, we do not always have the time to drop off, pick up or even think about giving our garments the attention they deserve! Ascots of London have established a fully functioning service to meet your exact needs. To do this, we have five set time slots daily that you can choose from! This saves you the time, money and burden to travel or think about commuting to do your dry cleaning or laundry! Ascots of London believes in simplicity but with it, quality and convenience. Ascots of London ensures that each item that is serviced, has been treated with the utmost attention and finish that it requires. This is why we have a specifically catered user-friendly process as well as a friendly and passionate staff at your disposal.
Location: United Kingdom, England, London
Employees: 11-50