Portable and rugged drone for mission critical applications Mission-critical situations need drones that can operate wherever and whenever needed?even in harsh environments. Bulky and fragile, today?s ?industrial-grade? drones are not well-suited. They require significant support infrastructure and are difficult to transport to remote locations. Designed for ideal weather, light rain or moderate winds will cancel or interrupt flights. For military, public safety and critical infrastructure operators, cancelled or interrupted flight operations threaten the larger mission objective?and can even cost lives. Ascent?s coaxial drones are specifically designed for harsh environments. Their cylindrical design is inherently durable and able to absorb rough handling and weather that would ground conventional multirotors: ? MORE COMPACT: Easier to transport where needed ? MORE RUGGED: Withstands harsh environments and weather ? MORE EFFICIENT: Flies longer and carries more ? MORE VERSATILE: Modular design adapts to any mission
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1.2M