Truly Wireless Earbuds Smartphone Case At Ascape Audio we make products that bring music to your ears, no strings attached! Ascend-1 is our first pair of earbuds which can play music for 14 hours with a small charging case. They have a unique ?Twist-to-Lock? shape to fit securely in your ears and never fall out. The custom composite-film speakers inside each earbud deliver your favorite songs with superior audio quality. This is only the warm up though to Ascape Audio?s second product called SoundFlow. Currently, all true wireless earbuds require a charging case, but we thought you should be able to recharge them from a device that you already carry everywhere: your smartphone. Therefore, we built a smartphone battery case that stores and recharges a pair of earbuds directly on top of your phone. The battery doubles your phone?s life and the hard case protects it from drops. Simply charge one device to use both your smartphone and earbuds all day long.