Providing best parking solutions ASAPLACE provides solutions in order to make the traditional remote that opens your garage door useless. Use our App to give access to your friends, your family, your employees or your electrician. Easy to manage, your access authorizations can be provide with your computer or your smartphone. Also, if you wish, your parking space can be rent. You leave your home to go to work everyday at 7.00AM and you come back at 6.00PM? The parking spaces of your office are free from 6.00PM to 7.00AM? Then propose them on ASAPLACE. For 1 minute or 1 month, you indicate that your parking space is free and car drivers can book it and pay you a rent. Thanks the secure smartphone access, you don't even have to give the keys. The aftermaths are clear. You get money without effort, you are helpful and you save the planet by participating to reduce the trafic. You rock.

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