World's first office chair that copies the anatomy of your calves The secret is in the optimal seat shape. The patented contours originate from the basic yoga position of resting on one?s own calves, known as Virasana. It is an ancient relaxing position used to eliminate back pain and tiredness. When seated on your calves pressure is removed from the critical points in your body which are often stressed in a regular sitting position. With the Asanasi chair, your tailbone, genitals and pelvis remain free. Any remaining pressure is redistributed onto the buttocks and thigh muscles. At the same time, with your upper body being supported by your heels and thighs, your pelvis is able to relax into a position similar to standing upright. Once the correct principles are applied, a truly ideal sitting position for the human body is easily achieved. The Virasana chair provides healthy and comfortable seating for long periods of time. When used on regular basis, users are able to eliminate the problems typically caused by being seated for long durations.
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