Connecting conscious designers, influencers and customers in a global marketplace The fashion industry is characterised by intense competition driven by aggressive marketing and TV commercials targeted at getting our attention. The biggest brands are spending multi-millions on advertising. We believe in empowering the community by sharing our profits. We will achieve this by our three unique selling points: Conscious Fashion: ASADRA has a conscious rating system to educate our customers of the production process of our carefully selected designers and brands. We believe that transparency is vital to transform the industry. Personalised Product Feed: A new shopping experience that personalises our content according to each of our user?s own style. This allows ASADRA to have a large variety of products and still provide relevant content to each user. Shared Profit: When users share a product to their social media, we will give 5% of any new sales. We flip the fashion world on its head and empower our community to decide what is worth their attention.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $110K