Aryballe Technologies

Aryballe Technologies
NeOse : Imagine you could record a smell Products : From 2014 to 2017, the value proposition of the company will rely on 3 families of products: 1/ OdoraMap : a Smartphone application allowing the geo-localization, recording and sharing of nose smelled odors. Anticipated launch on the niche and consumer market: Q3-2014 2/ MonOlfact a set of small finely designed and manufactured objects, able to change color in the presence of specific odors. Anticipated launch on the niche and consumer market: Q2-2015 3/ NeOse (main product): A personal device to connect to smartphones and databases, able to recognize a wide spectrum of different odors. Anosmic market: Q1-2016 / C.E. & H.A. Q3-2016 Markets : Niche Market: Anosmia (loss of the sense of smell) is a ?neglected disease? which concerns 2% of the global population Main Market: Up to 50 Consumer Electronics & Home Appliance application for the same core technology and Database. Products differentiations will be achieved by Smart-Phones? apps.
Total raised: $10.238499M

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